Life together


“With each falling flake, a unique spark of interest falls from heaven” P. Miller

It’s snowing here! Our first this season and to me it is a magical moment. As each flake falls, together they form a clean white blanket. It’s not marked by tire tracks or foot prints yet. It is still, quiet, pristine in its perfection.

I like Miller’s idea of each flake being a “unique spark of interest falling from heaven.” We are like these flakes, unique sparks given to this creation for a short time. These sparks become a blanket that wraps itself around the earth. Snow insulates and reflects light but it also quickly becomes dirty and ugly from traffic and melting.

We are like these sparks, little fires set to bring light, joy and goodness into the world. As we multiply and collect here on earth in communities and towns, we too become blankets. The question is will we be blankets of beauty, truth and comfort, fresh as the new fallen snow, full of sparks of fire. Or blankets that turn brown, dirty, ugly and marred by the soot swirling around them. Blankets that melt into globs of useless material. 

Today and for as long as I’m able, I chose to be beauty, truth, comfort and light. What will you chose? 

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