Living Today

2020: What will you Bring?

Things to leave in 2019:


Self Doubt

Toxic habits

Playing small (?)


Negative self talk

Swallowing truth

Trying to please everyone

Staying in your comfort zone

Caring what other people think

Create a Memory or Gratefulness Jar: Each day write one good thing that happened down and place it in the jar to read on New Years Eve 2020.

Adriana’s Intentions: Be me, Speak truth, Be grateful, Be honest, always listening, Offer space for people to seek wellness of heart, mind and soul

I could go on and on about the things I’ve read this week suggesting what we should do in the New Year. Yet, what I’m really craving is to just be present in each day. To live and press into each day as a new gift waiting to be opened and savored.

I hope to live every moment with integrity. I know I will fall short, that’s just life in this human form. We fall down and get up again many times. The key is, we try. The gift is often in the trying, the getting up again. The honesty that comes from saying I can’t do this on my own, I need friends, I need love, I need to be accepted, I need to be truly seen and loved just as I am.

This is a vulnerable place in which to live. To put yourself forward, hoping you will be seen and loved as you are. But it’s the only place real life can spring from. All the bottles of gratitude, and new years resolutions will not get us there. This type of honesty starts with you accepting you, loving you, listening to YOU! Yes, some of those voices in our heads will be negative, but in order to change them, we have to expose them for the lies they tell. We have to listen to them, tear them apart, take what’s true and toss out the rest. The following are just words, thoughts on how to move into 2020. Am I leaving behind lies and picking up good? I hope so. Will these words resonate with some of you? Perhaps. Are they true for me? Most definitely!

What Will This New Year Bring

What will this New Year bring,
What will I offer to this new beginning
Resolutions to quickly broken or forgotten
Dreams left unfinished
NO, I will offer this new beginning
Goodness, Truth, love, grace and mercy
My real self, will be enough
Speaking to the creation still blossoming new every
hour of each day
If I listen closely I will hear the voices that ring true
Those that say I am enough
I am whole
I am deeply beloved
If offer my true self to this New Year, It is enough

By AM Nicholson, 2019

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