What people are saying

“Spiritual direction is a beautiful practice that shifts my focus toward noticing God in all of the facets of my life. Sometimes a session is refreshing and encouraging, sometimes it lays bare an area of struggle; in either case God is always present. Adriana is warm and inviting, and she always offers a space free of judgment as she guides our time together with the Holy Spirit’s prompting. I am so thankful for Adriana and the way she offers her gifts as a Spiritual Director; time with her makes my faith and life richer. ” 

“Adriana is a kind, compassionate person who is very well suited for the work she is doing as a spiritual director. She is open and respectful of all beliefs, regardless of whether or not those are beliefs she personally holds. She is able to work equally well with persons from all walks and belief systems. As someone who has benefited from her services as a spiritual director, I feel confident in referring anyone to Adriana, regardless of their path. Her wisdom and insight helped me immensely, in fact, I always felt comfortable and accepted, and never judged. Adriana helped me remember who I am, and what I believe.”

“I’ve been meeting with Adriana for two yrs now. During this time she has walked with me delicately through a very difficult time in my marriage and life. Always relating to me with care, respect and confidence in my ability to regain my voice, strength and self esteem. Adriana’s skill to remember details, emotions and feelings I’ve expressed and then draw connections in my life, have served as a profound path for change and growth. I have never felt judged and have always felt comfortable speaking exactly how I feel about something, with full emotions and swear words. Adriana has always given me sound spiritual council and draws me back to how I see the Lord working in my life. Encouraging me with practical realistic steps I can take towards healing and freedom. During times of discouragement and feelings of self failure she is always able to redirect me towards my progress and true identity in Jesus. Adriana manages to always accomplish this void of any christianese or cliches.”