Frequently asked questions

What happens during a session?

My job is to silently listen as you speak and share. In spiritual direction the directee is free to choose topics and the direction sessions take.  We may listen, sit silently, or talk, laugh or we may shed tears.  As a Director, I will take time to sit with you and listen deeply to your words and will prayerfully listen for Gods voice in the middle. I may comment on thoughts or images that came to me as you spoke.  It is my hope to interject new ways of interpreting your current experience of God and your life.

What is the difference between direction and regular counseling?

In spiritual direction, we are not trying to fix you. Instead, we are looking to see where our relationship to the Divine intersects with our lives and can transform them. Often this is the key that unlocks our hearts and souls to soar. Directors are first and foremost deep listeners, we truly wish nothing more than to hear you deeply. Directors will still offer suggested practices or new way to think of situations and experiences. Direction is unique to each individual and therapeutic listening is at the core of all my work.

How frequently does one see a spiritual director?

Most Spiritual Direction happens on a monthly basis, each session lasting about an hour. Please don’t feel confined by this, Many of my clients prefer to meet weekly or biweekly until they find their given rhythm.  If you would like to meet more frequently please e-mail me or call me and we can discuss the different options available to you. You may find it valuable, in your situation, to meet every week or every other. Spiritual Direction has no time limits and can go on as long as both the directee and director wish, often directees and directors will meet on and off for years. It is good to be known by another.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality is essential to deep soul work. My desire is to create a safe unhurried space where therapeutic listening happens. Everything you say is held under double confidentiality. First, I will keep everything you say private and between us, not sharing our conversations with anyone outside our time. In addition, I will not acknowledge our relationship in public, unless you do.

Do you charge for sessions and how much?

I do charge for sessions. my rate for a 55 minute session is on a sliding scale between $45 and $70 dollars. If we are meeting more than once a month or if you are a student you will typically fall in the lower end. Please do not allow money to hamper your journey toward spiritual direction. We can discuss options and find one we are both comfortable with.

Where do you meet with fellow travelers?

I meet with people in my home office in northern Charlottesville Va, and sometimes in Coffee shops. I am also available via phone and/or video chat, for those who might be out of my area.