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Where is your Focus?

Two questions I despise… “Where do you plan to be in your ___________ (fill in the blank) in five years?” and the ever intimidating “What positives have come out of your current situation?” This latter question seems to be asked when your life has fallen to hell! I‘m never sure what people expect you to… Continue reading Where is your Focus?

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Ugly Vines

This bean vine is ugly, has been since July, and I didn’t pull it because my mother in law once told me: “if they are still flowering leave them be. They will produce when their ready, even ugly things bear fruit.” Lately I’ve been feeling like this vine looks, tired, useless, brown, and used up.… Continue reading Ugly Vines


The Journey Begins

In Spiritual Direction you are offered a sacred space to share joy, tears, honesty and re-framing of life. The idea that we can control every aspect of our lives is a fallacy. What we can do is learn to identify God in the midst of the everyday, the silly, the crazy, and yes sometimes devastating… Continue reading The Journey Begins