What I’ve been up to.

I’ve been doing a lot of mindful painting lately. Art journaling and just creating beauty. Everyday I show up for art I learn something new and grow in my skills.

Often we think creativity is separate from God or our spiritual life. The truth is if our God created all that surrounds us, the heavens, the landscape, mountains and valleys, oceans, and streams and this same energy created us, then God as we know her is creative. As a Christian I believe God created us and all we see and do not see. As a result, if we are created in Gods image then we too have this creative energy within us.

Creativity and art is more than just painting or crafting but in drafting, drawing, building, wood work, pottery. It is music, the way notes come together to create melodic harmony and dissonance for the ears. Creativity lives in textile work: sewing, quilting, knitting and crocheting, spinning, weaving, etc. The written words of story and poetry, spoken word and lyrics, all are examples of creativity born from creative beings and our soul. The list goes on and on. Food art and carving, cake decorating, farming all are acts of creativity. Even bartending is an act of creativity, watch as they layer drinks, or create reactions with different mixers, they are creating beauty!

I challenge you to look around you. How do you create? Do you cook regularly? Perhaps you create space for hospitality in your home or other areas, or garden with splashes of floral color. Maybe you are more traditional in your creativity. I promise you, you are creative and once you acknowledge it as creativity and press into that space you will find joy in abundance as you create beauty in your world. You are an artist in hiding!

Some of my resend creativity:

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