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There are so many great thoughts on Balance. Do a search on balance and thousands of ideas and words spring up. What is the essence of balance though?

From the dictionary:

“noun. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise.”

“Balance is not a final goal, but an ongoing process.” Anonymous physiatrist

Balance as Journey

Today my journaling took me into the place of pairing words and art again. The topic presented was Balance and as I wrote out the quote I found, my thoughts morphed into a sentence all my own. My ideas and thoughts became more than just a reaction to another person’s words. The words became something rich and deep, a new realization if you will.

Finding balance in our lives seems elusive, just as we think we have arrived something comes along to make us teeter again. This teetering causes more exploration and growth. I wonder if I’m the only one who sees balance like this. Does the creator change or balance and create a new? As I dropped deeper into this conversation with the Holy I realized that yes, creation is always in a state of balance and rebalancing.

Consider the seasons as they call for a rebalance of sorts. The weather goes from cold to hot and back again and in the process there are those in-between times of balance. We call these in-between times fall and spring. They are a time when everything is in flux, changing and equalizing. Storms come and go, rain, fog, wind, all this change in an effort to seek balance again.

Even natural disasters are a form of balancing. Earth quakes in simple terms are the realignment of earth’s plates to rebalance pressure. As much as we don’t like to consider this, forest fires are also a form of balancing. Fires burn off what is dead and in its place new life sprouts to cover the barren scorched land.

As you can see Balance is so much more than just getting things into an equal state and staying there. Balance is a constant state of creating, reshaping and change. The end is the beginning so to speak. So my mantra on balancing is this: Balance is not a place we arrive at, it is an ongoing process, a lifelong journey. Press into the change, relax, flow with the motion, evaluate and adjust. Most of all connect along the way with God and those around you. We are all on this journey together.

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