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Workism: Enough is Enough

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I started my day reading an article suggested on a friend’s FB feed about workism in America. Thank you Professor Green it was thought provoking. You can read it here:

One thing I’ve struggled with most of my life is letting go. Letting go of people, places, things, and jobs. My work as an advocate has defined me for over a decade. The pace and stress to perform, to help others almost killed me. I bought into the ideal that work was to be the place we found our joy and identity. If I’ve learned anything recently, it’s that balance, time, love and the joy of being with those who care is more of important than anything my “job” or employment has to offer.

The past six months has reminded of where my joy comes from, the laughter of friends, the quiet moments with God, sitting bedside with family and friends as they say good bye for the last time to a loved one, listening to others for no reason except to truly hear their souls. These are the things I fill my life with now. I spend time reading, I snuggle my big fluffy dog. On Sundays I fix food to share with our extended family. I’m learning to take more time away from social media, especially hard when you are starting a business. I’m learning to say ENOUGH. I’m done spending time with people, work and things that do not bring true value into my life.

My question to you is what will it take for you to wake up? To stop, look around you and say goodbye to those things which are literally killing you. My advice would be don’t wait until you have worked or dreamed your life away. Don’t worship at the alter if consumerism or workism or peopleism (my word for worshiping another’s view of us). Worship at the alter of the Divine, the one who created this planet for enjoyment, not toil for toils sake. Do it soon because one day it might be too late.






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